Roots to Love: Honoring Black Men and Fathers

4 December 2020 - 3 February 2021

For centuries, Black men have been the pillar of strength, courage, vision while elevating a race, culture and society. Black men deserve their due. With the turbulence that exists across the country and world today, this is the time to extend reflections and positivity toward Black men and fathers in the community for their good deeds to allow the darkness that prevails to become overshadowed by the radiance of light. In a new exhibition titled “Roots of Love: Honoring Black Men and Fathers", Stacey Bartels, proprietor, Framed Gallery salutes men of color pushing back on widely held stereotypes and frames that demean and marginalize the humanity of Black maleness in all parts of society. Still, the exhibition seeks to challenge the prevailing narrative of mainstream media and popular culture by showcasing artistic works of Black men more accurately as significant contributors, solution providers, and valued assets to the world. Likewise, the collective artists intentionally present works that are positive images of boys and men of color each providing enriching activities that celebrate, educate and inspire. Featured artists represented in “Roots of Love: Honoring Black Men and Fathers” include painters Charly Palmer, Terry Lynn, Tiffani Glenn, Buchi Upjohn, Evita Tezeno, Hampton Olfus, Kweku Afram, Antwoine Washington, sculpture's by Chukes, and drawings by Michael Gibson.