Tiffani Glenn: Enchantment in black

4 June - 2 July 2021

Whimsical artwork delights our eyes and mesmerizes the imagination. The amusing works of Tiffani Glenn in Enchantment in Black delivers on uplifting our spirits to revisit a time of innocence and jubilation. Tiffani Glenn’s works characteristically depicts young women in a series of pen and black ink sketches that illustrates a fancy fantasy of fairy tales advanced creatively by the viewers personal perception. While the illustrations are simplistic, viewers can easily envision a brightly colorful and jovial life in each portraiture. Likewise, each character possesses a unique capricious humor or disposition that is extravagant, fanciful and excessively playful. For Glenn, this translates in an image that is able to let go of traditional norms that may infer an impression of who the character is or supposed to be.  Instead, viewers may discern for themselves a back story to fill the void; permitting each figure to merely be without shame or abandonment.  Each woman celebrates an authenticity and beauty of self, family and Blackness.